Specialty Exterior Window Films

Outside Weatherable films are the perfect application for situations where physical limitation properties prohibit the installation of traditional indoor window film. There are also situations where indoor film cannot be applied such as when access to the interior of a building or structure is limited or prohibited. Logex film is a weather-resistant films manufactured with a high-tech, scratch resistant durable coating that protects the film from exposure to the harsh elements of the outdoor environment. Specially designed to be installed on the outside of the window, Logex films provide numerous advantages in terms of performance, versatility and ease of installation.

The Energy Advantage
Outside weatherable film provides owners and occupants with an energy advantage by improving the total solar energy rejected from a window. Just like indoor window film, LOGEX film blocks solar heat from entering the windows. LOGEX films also naturally expel more of the solar energy outdoors instead of absorbing it into the film itself. When solar radiation strikes window film, some of that radiation is absorbed into the film, causing the glass temperature to rise. The energy in the glass can then be conducted either inside the room or outdoors. With LOGEX films, more of the absorbed energy is released into the outside air, which puts less stress on the actual glass.

Outside weatherable film is very versatile, and can be used on any type of glass or window construction. It is universally suited to all single and double pane windows, including those with specialized glazings. Some regular window films cannot be used on particular types of glass. Notably, high absorbing films cannot be used on low-e IGUs with the coating on the inside of inner pane (surface 3), due to the risk of glass breakage. As outside weatherable film repels the radiation away from the glass more readily, it is a safe alternative for all glass units with low – e coatings.

LOGEX - Exterior Film Vertical application








HORIEX - Exterior Film Sloping-Horizontal application